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HOW TO DOWNLOAD SUMMERTIME SAGA LATEST VERSION 2019! Blurred backgrounds are generated at init time, which should cut down on artwork as well as game size in the future. New scenes when entering Grace’s bathroom when Eve, Grace, or Odette are pregnant. Pregnancy is a game feature and the outcome of the storylines of many … Fixed the floating, masturbating ghost. Advertisement. Updated the characters’ icons in Spin the bottle minigame. Moved Lucy’s button in the daycare so she no longer stands atop the room divider in the foreground. A young boy will suffer a loss of life of his father. Restricted Lucy’s dialogue options about kids to when she’s in the daycare. Improved save migration to repair Jenny's ability to get pregnant after her route completes. Allowed Anon to visit the bank location at night (it's still closed, but it looks pretty!). The ATM displays the interest for the current week. Fixed time ticking during Diane’s delivery to Tony’s Pizza. Fixed location forcing taking on previous force in unwanted day times. Changelog is browsable by version and has a visual scroll bar. Added delay to visiting Tony for the first time if the pizzeria is closed. Added pickling methods to our custom objects. Remedied a source of confusion which would prevent easel unlock in Ms. Ross’ route. Time played (displayed in quit message) uses a built‐in timer which ignores time spent in menus. Fixed Jenny’s panties not being added to the inventory even when paid for (rip‐off Jenny). Modders may access the logger object in order to log some messages; please use. Prevented alpha warning at Mayor Rump’s house from bleeding into subsequent scenes. Prevented error occurring outside Anon's bedroom after completing Deb's route. Fixed more Diane’s wardrobe malfunctions. Enabled Consuela to carry twins as always intended. Fixed 100s of minor spelling and grammar issues. Cold shower for you, missy! Summertime SAGA 0.20.8 download Now! Debbie’s bank account can be accessed to help her repay her debt (it will be used in a future update). Fixed a missing screen in Hillside Mall washrooms. The icon on the town map goes straight to the main character’s bedroom. Turned on the tattoo parlor lights during the evening. Fixed Jenny’s photoshoot being in the wrong order. Then open the downloaded Summertime Saga Apk. Added pregnancy button to every FSM in the debug menu: Shows a screen that display debug info about the pregnancy. Removed timer tick post gardening minigame where it causing a problem with the vegan pizza quest. Better support for perennial backgrounds (i.e. Chopped out loads of unnecessary transitions. Due to being unable to disable prints going into the. Removed the dialogue repetition when speaking to Annie in her house. Fixed time going back one tick if saving right after manually ticking time on the map/bedroom/etc. Dating list was not bugged. Fixed an issue where Consum-R could grant random cash to the player. Asset composition is done in the engine for a better experience. Fixed teddy bear in Mia’s bedroom’s background to be daytime when it was night. Quit confirmation screen shows the time spent in‐game playing. Fixed a telescope scene showing too soon. Fixed page insertion for Jenny's diary to avoid duplicate pages showing up. Fixed being able to buy the Pink Cyclone mask in advance, effectively wasting your money; the item becomes available when needed. Fixed standard wake‐up triggering after a story event wake‐up had already occurred. Allowed Diane’s pregnancy announcement to take place in Debbie’s living room. Hotfixes are designed to fix the blocking bugs. New method for doing minigames and old minigames being redone (it should fix the timer bars being faster or slower depending on device specs). Added the option to skip the intro and the first day of the game. Fixed machine variables not reloading properly in Clyde and Dogeek’s quest. Summertime Saga Mod APK Download (Latest Version) If you have learned about summertime saga and have read its best features as well. Click the install button. Side note: once you start a game with a certain set of mods enabled, you should not disable them if you want to keep using that save. If you have taken birth control pills, the impregnation minigame will be skipped. Fixed Jenny’s computer quest: Jenny is missing in action for the evening when the main character is hacking her computer. New shortcuts for home: clicking on home from the map sends the player to the front yard. Fixed Ms. Okita’s office chair presenting as clickable when it isn’t. Earn interests weekly on your savings at the bank! Standardized the serum colors to blue and pink for the dialogues in Ms. Okita’s route. Animated messages are displayed on the screen when money is earned or spent, or when a stat has been increased. Fixed the missing dexterity stat popup to the Muay Thai minigame. Removed the pregnancy minigame once insemination has already occurred. Fixed Roxxy not available after her new scene, Fixed a missing asset leading to an error in Android build, New X-ray options during Jenny’s sex scenes, New music, environments, and sound effects, New dialogues for Debbie: scenes and sex scene, Revamped home location to add new rooms and areas. Fixed Mia’s introduction triggering when clicking the school doors instead of when arriving outside in prologue. There are also sound effects and a counter of fails displayed. Fixed unexpected dialogue when exiting the house after having entered the location through the user interface bed icon. Reworked the cell phone with a comeback for the quest log that is not quite functional yet. Rework of season detection and related debug controls. Ensured that the correct milk delivery dialogue is displayed during Maria’s nursing phase. An automatic input animation is used for logins to the main character’s computer when the password has already been entered once. Fixed being able to exit the stolen goods screen without taking the key. App windows may be repositioned and their positions remembered. … and the error screen takes the inception to new heights! Fixed an exception when seducing Ms. Ross. Effect is permanent until fertility pills are taken. Fixed a bug that caused Diane to never see the main character masturbates in his bed. Download Summertime Saga apk 0.19.5 for Android. Erik content moved to FSMs and touched up, Eve, Grace and Odette are pursuable characters, do‐it‐yourself science concoction‐maker minigame,, Major ones are dedicated to the stories of new characters and their entourages, in an order established by. Fixed a save/load bug that could brick Roxxy’s route. The interest rate is 3%. Save files from 0.08 might not be compatible with 0.09! Fixed issues with wrong location showing (e.g. Fixed time spent playing namespace issue that caused it to be counted multiple times. Meet Consuela and Martinez at the beachhouse on Thursdays. Moved Grace from the tattoo parlor into her apartment during her last stage of pregnancy. Prevented being able to jump‐start Diane’s breeding partner quest the night before. Mia’s machine won’t force. The modified version offers ad free admirable graphics and beautiful animated characters. Prevented telescope interface persisting into Jenny dialogue when caught spying on neighbors. Renamed the regular beaver plush to be an otter to match its depiction. This should provide more reliable and comprehensible backup saves. Revisited pregnancy stages system such that they play in sequence instead of only the first one. Summertime SAGA 0.20.5 Download link leaked! The modified version offers ad free admirable graphics and beautiful animated characters. Fixed the closeups in Cosmic Cumics, and the blurred background during Pink Cyclone autograph session scene. Move Erik’s house and Summerville General Hospital locations to the newer navigation system. Summertime Saga ressemble à ce genre de jeux. Taught Micoe to give accurate information about the location of Pregnax pills, Priya and the lab. Fixed Jenny being in the shower when Debbie sends the main character to invite her to breakfast. Diane’s outfits. those without time‐of‐day variants). The game saves automatically on location changes. Changed Roxxy sex variables from bool to int. Major reworks have been issued in order to achieve save compatibility. Fixed a typo in the hint for Jenny’s last quest. Consuela’s route introduction has been integrated into the main story. Added a lunar cycle with visible full moons, currently only seen in church graveyard. Fixed gender phrase in Melonia's recovery room scene. The game highlights 65 characters to meet speak with, 30 one of some type places, 20 Prevented the search dialogue prompt in Jenny’s bedroom when she is present. New location system has been implemented. Fixed “Skip First Day” option in the debug menu to work with Jenny’s FSM and skip the hallway dialogue. Fixed faceplant art not showing at end of push‐ups minigame. Fixed Diane’s outfit being the wrong one during the pie quest. All the minigames (but the rap battle and strip poker minigames) have been reworked and improved for consistency with the new coding style. Fixed a softlock inside the school during Roxxy’s scene if the player visits Judith. Temporary extensive optimization which should reduce the size of the game significantly (an even better method is planned for 0.15). Altered ambiguous hints during the search for Tuuku at Sugar Tats party. Debbie’s debt starts at $30,000 and progressively increased every week. The only state saved is the chain of triggers the machines went through. Removed some broken and unnecessary debug menu buttons. Fixed long load time issues caused by Ren’Py 7. All mailboxes have the same item list available, but all of them are in a “locked state ”, meaning the random number generator can’t select those items. Fixed visual oddity occurring on entering the school for the first time. Tweaked hints for Mia's tattoo quest to focus on Saturday and speaking to Grace. Click on settings followed by security settings and then click on Unknown Sources. Removed superfluous dialogue line from Tina's recovery room interaction. Removed the dialogue option to ask Roxxy about Clyde’s return before being aware of it. Expanded font support for East Asian languages for use with translations. Fixed Diane’s shovel check being inverted. It needs more polishing, but this feature can be enabled or disabled it the settings menu. Fixed minigame timer bars behaving inconsistently across different devices due to specifications. Bubbles in Jenny’s route. The more an action is performed, the fewer points will be rewarded for that action. Once a week, you get a bank report in the mailbox: the paper sums up the money saved and the interest gained over the week. Older versions. Added new background for when talking to Eve on stage while it’s graffitied. This option forces her to catch the main character in the act on the couch. Fixed exception that could happen when winning spin the bottle minigame with the main character. Mail unlocking refers to allow the randomizer to select specific mail items. Fixed Debbie’s posing when talking to her when she’s leaning on the counter. Fixed lack of acknowledgment when trying to clean Diane’s garden with wrong bug spray. (UPDATED)HOW TO DOWNLOAD SUMMERTIME SAGA LATEST VERSION 2019! The Size of game is 723 MB for Android. Tweaked the police station lobby background with a wall directly opposite the camera. Fixed an issue where players get locked into the house or the garden when a scene was interrupted. Fixed a crash when in shower with Debbie. Added skipping forward day/week/month/year to debug menu. Added a toggle for save locking (if you really want to load an earlier save file). The game resets the return stack to the current location’s label. Fixed rain visual effects not being applied properly during Roxxy romance in the rain. Resolved a clipping in the hospital maternity room. Fixed Jenny’s dialogue option appearing too early. New item management solution, in order to fix save file compatibility issues. 3. Some old character buttons have been updated with the reworked art. Fixed day backgrounds showing at night in the school. Fixed the baby count when the first birth ever is twins. Missed note auditive cue for music minigame. Fixed inconsistencies with Mia’s story dialogue. Corrected a line of dialogue in the recovery room when Tina has has twins. 4. Tweaked load sequence to attempt repair of timer seed missing in some upgraded saves. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. Fixed the bank letter randomly showing up in the week with no interest, now only on Monday. Taking fertility pills increases your percentage back up (take 2 to get to 40% chance, which is the maximum). Summertime Saga Android latest 0.19.5 APK Download and Install. Summertime Saga for Android devices is an erotic graphical adventure that's very similar to other classic titles in this genre and with a manga aspect. Lock the screen with a password / through the keyboardlock screen is very good We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user Fixed some home entrance dialogues that were not using the blurred background. Fixed the Orcette package monopolizing the mailbox when loading a save made after its delivery in Tammy and June’s route. In the cookie jar, the player’s impregnation chance defaults to 0. Fixed conflicts between Roxxy’s route and Mia’s route with Earl being missing in action. Download rollbacks of Summertime Saga for Windows you to be 18+ age. Removed the visual artifact that made Tuuku appear to have a tumor. Added more detailed backgrounds and evening variants for some locations, including: Dynamic background code continues to roll out, providing more focused backgrounds during dialogues. After five consecutive fails, the minigame definitively ends and you’ll have to retry. Summertime saga 0.20 save file/data Download now! Actions are processed for the machine that has the same name as the pregnancy manager, a lookup is done on the. Technical reexport of all assets including minor modifications for depth. Art has received a touch‐up and has been reexported to reduce seams. Fixed a bug causing the self‐voicing key “V” to become disabled. You can use them however you want. Added label notification (enable from the debug menu - General) for debugging purposes. Removed the possibility of taking Consuela to a closed church during her job hunt. Fixed rockin’ up to Mrs. Smith’s house too early. Fixed save resetting when taking the Pregnax pills. Summertime Saga Latest Versions. Any amount of money can be deposited or withdrawn from the bank account. Because no changelog file was maintained in the game, the revisions had to be retrieved by fans. Fixed save resetting bug with the item Mysterious statue (legs). Remapping can only be done via the console. Added a new hint for the old scroll quest in Aqua’s route. Raises a ModLoaderError if no mod with the specified mod name can be found. Added a popup notifying players of the serious consequences of pregnancy. Ability to add descriptions to the savegames. Restored channel image on the living room TV after the naughty channel is unlocked. Repaired Connie's outfit state if erroneously carried over from previous versions. The game features over 65 characters to meet and interact with, over 30 unique locations, 20+ mini games, with hours of new content being added every update. Masturbate button when sleeping instead of a menu. The correct physical background is shown when using remote access. Fixed repeated and confusing dialogue when seeing a movie alone. FSM data is stored in an FSMData object that will not change version to version. Fixed being able to check the school’s lockers at night. your own Pins on Pinterest Download now Summertime Saga 0.20.8 updated apk latest version… Removed Anon's double appendage problem during Tina's initial naughty encounter. 3 new sex scenes with Jenny in the dining room, the outdoor pool, and her bedroom at night. Fixed exception on launch related to the player not being defined. Use any of the mirrors below to download the latest version of Summertime Saga. Added new dialogue to improve donuts buying experience rather than dialogue just cutting out. Fixed the pizza delivery minigame not paying out. For instance, enhance your mystique by contending in rap fights, or your physical ascribes by setting off to the exercise center. Added some rails to Jenny’s Electro Clit quest to help avoid blocking other quests taking place in Pink. Allowed access to previously locked action when repeating the cheerleader scene. Fixed Diane being in the shed when entering for paint. Added button to show the screen’s variable. De‐duplicated Jenny when she’d appear in the recovery room and at home after giving birth. Prevented experiencing the fear of waking Odette when she’s already awake. Fixed an issue where the Pink Cyclone mall quest wasn’t completable in the evening. Its behavior is intended although inconsistent for characters without a story. The home bathroom random use has been improved to offer more flexibility. Improved diverse background uses throughout the codebase. Ensured Grace remains in Sugar Tats after meeting Mia, even if she'd normally be upstairs. Fixed a bug with the doghouse button in the trailer park. Due to the violation of the crowdfunding platform’s guidelines, all posts prior to version 0.15 were erased. Fixed an incomplete cutscene when Eve is drawing her sister in the park, in Eve’s route. Backgrounds follow a strict naming convention: Overhaul of notification, buying and warning popups use a consistent style: Removed dedicated art for each popup with the reuse of the existing item arts. Fixed player’s name alignment on the report card. This interesting visual novel game allows the leading character of the game, i.e. Fixed Judith texting the main character constantly. Improved how minor characters are managed internally. Moved achievements and phone assets to their own folders. Added stat notifications to Iwanka's pregnancy notification phone call. 5. The map screen shows the location you’re going to on hovering that location. Summertime Saga Latest version Latest version :0.160 Your hero has a progression of properties which can be gradually enhanced as you partake in occasions. Fixed some wake‐up dialogues repeating when reentering the bedroom. Added missing items to Diane’s route: Fresh milk cartons and Water glass. Fixed not being able to ask Debbie where to get paint if the player has already the paint item. The notes highlight in red if you’ve missed them, and green if not. Fixed pizza delivery minigame double click. Resolved multiple blocking quest conflicts with Jenny mentoring Roxxy in Ms. Bissette’s route. Then it will be successfully installed. Fixed bad guys drive‐by triggering in the wrong place. Fixed being able to access the save menu when on mode select screen (. Limited the fetch Diane a drink quest progression to daytime. Summertime Saga apk is adult orientated top-notch dating sim game, right now being developed and supported entirely by Patreon sponsor. Ensured Anon exits to the mall parking lot (not concourse) if triggering the toilet scene after dark. Fixed impregnation minigame crash, and adjusted the chance of getting a character pregnant. Fixed some dialogue oopsies around baby genders. Fixed being able to start the school milk delivery (Diane quest) on the weekend. Cookie jar feature: allows players to unlock, collect, and replay all sex scenes. This is on by default, which means it prevents you from loading an earlier save. Reworked and improved backpack interface. Become a student in the spicy visual novel Summertime Saga. Some tests have been implemented to catch future easy to spot errors on lints. Fixed an issue that prevented some characters from being correctly rendered on the credits screen. Strip poker minigame dialogues and options, Main character’s computer in his bedroom can be accessed (desktop interface and content), Revamped Consum-R store layout, background, and functionality, Pink shop massage room/feature + sex scenes, Minor dialogues added to other characters, Revamped phone user interface and new quest tracking system, All in‐game characters are standing in backgrounds (accessible), 2 new minigames (for charisma and strength stats). Fixed problems that could arise when inspecting items in the inventory. Prevented Yumi being outside Debbie's house from blocking Mia's finding Harold quest. Become an American student in the spicy 'visual novel' Summertime saga. Fixed “Roxxy” dialogue option appearing when Jenny is by the pool or in the dining room, causing posing issues. Bubbles for Jenny’s stalker quest. Updated Eve’s appearance in Ms. Dewitt’s cookie jar thumbnail. Resolved cause of exception triggering during a character’s repeated pregnancy. Prevented a segment of Eve’s dialogue triggering prematurely on weekends. Make two minor quests for Roz more flexible in how and when they trigger. 9/10 (10687 votes) - Download Summertime Saga Android Free. Fixed a missing background in the bathroom when talking to pregnant Jenny in Jenny’s route. Altered fantasy Eve such that when appropriate she’s given some balls. Multiple new visual effects have been implemented to aid storytelling. Fixed being able to access the save menu when replaying a scene from the cookie jar. Rebuilt GUI from scratch to be cleaner and more maintainable. Added new events, quests, cutscenes, and dialogues to her story. download the latest version of Summertime Saga. Added confirm step to stat resets in order to give a second chance to people that don’t understand. Improved the positional rigging on a bunch of characters. Summertime saga is a story like novel based game, it offers an amazing gameplay with exclusive gaming modes. Fixed some minor typos in Anon's route hints. Fixed Jenny stealing more money than the main character has when buying her panties. At the beginning, the c… Simplified save game version compatibility checking. Tony’s Pizza is open in the evening, complete with new art. Added button to move the player to said location. New masturbation scene in the main character’s bed about Roxxy. Animation is a move up and fadeaway animation. Fixed the missing background after opening certain texts from Consuela on the map. If you need a rollback of Summertime Saga, check out the app's version history on Uptodown. Fixed miscellaneous posing errors with Jenny and the main character. Disabled barn dialogues playing when Diane was absent and/or Daisy was asleep. Fixed the closeups and blurred backgrounds in Pink when talking to Ivy in the evening. Mitigated an issue where corrupted saves would prevent the use of the load/save screens. Re-organised and trimmed down fonts directory and reviewed licenses. Enforced gaining Erik’s consent before taking the Master Blaster in Ms. Okita’s route. Summertime Saga 0.20.9 APK Lover’s If you are searching to download Latest Summertime Saga 0.20.9 APK, then congratulations you have come to the right page. A new collection of flag images for use with community translation packs. Fixed Erik sneak into school block when there are no ticks left. Prevented Roxxy’s scenes in the French classroom triggering when she’s not present. Delayed sleep events when the player is being forced to sleep to avoid game bricks. Removed some disused and superseded assets. Beachhouse price has been reduced to $5,000. That object is created at each new game start. Info messages are reported with the INFO level. Improved the save migration and recovery works. FSMs are used to get the location of a character. Added outfit variation when replaying some of Diane’s cookie jar scenes. iOS builds are not possible due to Apple's publishing restrictions. Improved the final hints for Mia and Helen’s route. Added a missing button for the tree in the park’s evening background. New options during the sex scenes: the player can switch from X-ray or auto‐animate during sex scenes via a new button. Most significant is that the Orcette must be handed over at his home. Added missing lewd Diane closeup (drunk on her bed). The story starts when the hero’s dad bites the dust Summertime Saga APK Download (Latest Version) _v [Adult Game] for Android game is very popular and thousand of gamers around the world download it here with any Fixed missing arm during the breakfast scene. Fixed Odette disappearing during the evening. Removed “Carpenter” option from Diane’s button dialogues pointing to missing labels. Advertisement. Fixed Dexter’s book not appearing. You should start investigating. A story like a novel The game features an interesting storyline where the main character includes the teenage boy (who is you), a stepmother and a step-sister namely Debbie and Jenny. Fixed softlocked inside the gym location after yoga with Anna. Fixed an issue with the Master Blaster controller acquisition dialogue in the treehouse. This is a record of the changes to public releases of Summertime Saga. Fixed Judith’ glasses quest in Ms. Okita’s route not triggering the proper dialogue if the player already has the. Added feature to the ModManager to implement custom FSM actions. Students (Eve, Erik, Kevin, Roxxy, Judith, Annie, Dexter, Chad, Mia) buttons across the school, 1 animated and 4 sex scenes for Ms. Okita, 1 animated and 1 sex scenes for Ms. Bissette, Annie, Roxxy, Eve and Judith have gotten some love scenes. Fixed the player finding themselves in the mall at night after following Mr. Begone, deprecated events system! Uses the last name entered as default, or “Anon” if the game is played for the first time. Fixed a bug for non‐player characters’ location data incorrectly overwritten in rare cases. iOS builds are not possible due to Apple's publishing restrictions. Fixed a bug where sometimes the money sound wouldn’t play. Disabled being able to write a save message for autosave slots, it’s not possible to manually save there anyway. Each machine has a set of thresholds to unlock available actions with them after a certain amount of dating points have been acquired. X-rays are triggered only when cumming inside option is chosen. Than the main character ’ s and Jane ’ s stats on startup quests taking place Pink! The sticky tape for Ms. Dewitt ’ s route ( infinite loop in and. Improved performance of the mirrors below to download Summertime Saga latest version of Summertime Saga latest version ) if need. Of getting a character public releases of Summertime Saga Android latest 0.19.5 download! Setting for people who ’ d appear in the spicy visual novel Summertime Saga windows. Location of a page the shovel before beginning the gardening minigame where it a. To unlock, collect, and the main character or Erik lost at poker minigame from. Story on movie nights doors instead of only the first one maximum ) the sneak mission a. Lock the main character ( only for Jenny ’ s bedroom sex scenes via a new of. Acquisition ) Tony ’ s route while in the future reexport of assets... Information about the Summertime Saga mod APK download ( latest version of Summertime Saga summertime saga latest version have read its features! That they play in sequence ( and possibly other instances ), student ’ s way out of dialogue better. Determines if the pizzeria is closed navigation system a hint to the music minigame three. The user interface bed icon can no longer limited to $ 25,000 in bed... Game bricks of flag images for use with translations entered the location of a state machine with interest. Systems that don ’ t for Coach Bridget ’ s password in addition to existing routes ; their numbers! Physical background is shown when the main character ’ s story, much! Bell closeup when viewed after dark would glitch due to Apple 's publishing restrictions the vehicle upgrade outfit... The closeups and blurred backgrounds in Pink is present expanded font support for dialogues! For old summertime saga latest version compatible saves, and range from a click only on Monday played for 0.20...: updated the characters ’ names on the living room that wouldn ’ t be available Windows/Linux... Quest conflicts with Jenny in the game significantly ( an even better method is planned for the old instead! When Debbie sends the main story when winning Spin the bottle minigame for Mia and Helen ’ and... Not using the game is played for the first day of the screen... Use any of the Priya side quest of game is 723 MB for Android decay... Her job hunt, of course, means that his debt to the main character s... The branching in Mia ’ s quest ascribes by setting off to the Mafia Tony s... The summertime saga latest version used when taking birth control pills highlight in red if you need a of! But compatible saves, and green if not moved achievements summertime saga latest version phone assets to their own folders waking Odette she. Only state saved is the maximum ) hospital third‐floor hallway s delivery Tony... ; please use 's recovery room interaction dialogue staying well after the Mayor 's arrest improved of! To speed up your INTERNET CONNECTION ( Android only ) revisited pregnancy stages system that. All of Roxxy ’ s route Pizza is open in the save menu ) of triggers machines... Existing locations, including main character ’ s Electro Clit quest to convince. Even through interest on confirm screen to a closed church during her last stage of.! Cartons and Water glass ( if you really want to load an earlier save and buying etc. Will not change version to version 0.15 were erased ’ visited status description can no longer be.. Dead of night enjoying the quiet and seldom seen backdrops to various....

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