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I’ve been there twice in the last three weeks, scouting and hunting and didn’t see any hog sign. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out much. I am new to Texas and want to hunt white tailed buck Do I need just the Texas hunting license and the APH to hunt for a buck during the season on SHNF or is there an extra tag I need to purchase? Nationalforesthunter: Hunting The Sam Houston National Forest - 1998 - Texas Parks And Wildlife Public Hunting Lands Map Booklet For more details on hunting, see the rules page for this WMA, The Outdoor Annual, and the Public Hunting Lands Map Booklet. Caddo/LBJ National Grasslands 1400 N. Hwy 287 P.O. Thanks for sharing this article. The Sam Houston Restaurant Tour is a laid back overnighter that explores the dirt roads in northern Sam Houston National Forest. I'm heading up this weekend for a 3 day hunt/camp. next question. Explore camper reviews and photos of the campgrounds in Sam Houston National Forest. might walk up on another hunter at their ground blind, sitting on their portable tree stand, or walking thru the forest, but I don't believe you will ever be in an argument or fight. we have a ground blind but i figured out that mostly, its difficult to find wide open areas, tree stands or climbers are probably a must but i dont know if there is anything for two persons to carry along and setup early morning. So couple of questions for you, hope you know the answers. More area, less campgrounds; this is my third year and I have only seen 3 deer in that time. of age or older. I'm confident there are some large bucks in the new area....I just have to find there routes and get ready for next year. I know Odd. I have been blessed with hogs but haven't taken a deer there but could have , still waiting for the big guy, Hunting is the practice of killing or trapping any animal, or pursuing it with the intent of doing so. Tommy - Thank you for your post. I just have some questions. Growth transitioning area. These funds pay for a variety of programs to improve wildlife habitat and other enhancement programs such as wild turkey restoration, creation of wildlife openings and additional law enforcement. Please correct if I'm wrong. We'll see what happens. If you are confronted by anti-hunting activists, remain calm. Thank you. It permits you to hunt on nearly 900,000 acres of land throughout the State of Texas. Always watch the wind! Sounds like an awesome place to hunt, thanks for the info, Walmart has a 2 man stand that's 63 pounds and easy to set up quickly, I live in Fort Worth and hunt the LBJ grasslands near Alvord , free ,no baiting and buck only except thanksgiving weekend - I liked the antler less permit system they used to have better -I usually hunt with a bow but just harvested my first hog with a new crossbow -i would like to find a place i can bait for hogs legally , thanks and good luck and God bless, I hunt the LBJ GRASSLANDS near Alvord and Decatur, does anybody ever hunt there ? I just fell in love with the pictures you took, they are really beautiful, it sounds this is an ideal place to hunt, thanks for your share, Great article!! please!! This 162,000 acre forest of southern pine, hardwoods, and shallow creeks gives local hunters an excellent habitat for hunting recreation. Though more challenging, succesful hunting is doable out there. Sign In / Up. Once you are done with your licensed hunting activity, then you revert back to the carry laws for the State of Texas. That was my second hog to take in those woods. It's a very good and important and very beneficial article, thanks dear, Very necessary resources, thanks for this god idea. SAM HOUSTON NATIONAL FOREST WMA. It comprises some 161,508 acres, with 47,609 acres in Montgomery County, 59,746 acres in San Jacinto County, and 54,153 acres in Walker County. Joined: Dec 3, 2005 Messages: 26,423 Location: The end of the road between Sodom and Gomorrah Tex. Sabine National Forest (Open Monday - Wednesday, Virtual Only) 5050 Hwy 21 East Hemphill, TX 75948 (409) 625-1940. I had some trouble finding good signs of feral pig. Sam Houston National Forest 394 FM 1375 West New Waverly, Texas 77358 (936) 344-6205. Dog should be old enough to start running solo after the new year. My uncle invited me to go deer hunting during the next deer season. Thanks for the information you provided. The good news is that if you do happen to get lost, if you walk far enough you will hit a major road. Sam Houston National Forest is displayed on the Maynard USGS quad topo map. Enjoy your blog. Hogs can be hunted 365 days per year, dove season is open now, and squirrel season opens soon. Interesting blog. we moved to a hiking trail and scouted a couple miles down, found tracks and i beleive some ground scratches. Check the current Public Hunting Lands map booklet for "Special Regulations in effect on US Forest Service Units." I'll be looking for draws leading down towards creeks, bottoms, or ponds hopefully from thickets on top. Make sure you carry a GPS device if you are unfimiliar with the section you decide to hunt. going to try my luck late season this year bow hunting at SHNF anyone out there tried this? Your concern is a valid one and will meet other hunters in the SHNF but I must say that I've never had any difficulty with anybody. The forest is administered together with the other three United States National Forests and two National Grasslands located entirely in Texas, from common offices in Lufkin, Texas. unless of course I see a nice deer and cant get a shot or something. Annual Public Hunting Permit ($48) required to apply. I just got a 4 wheeler and will be out monday night with a buddy checking out some trails I've been on the past two years, sorry can't give those up.For the new hunters 204 had some logging done, it's been cleared out towards the back, however this road is frequented so weekends, prepare to see other hunters. Know the rules about hunting in the SHNF and hunt safely! For your safety, make sure you obey this important safety-related regulation and wear your hunters orange. I live in the Texas city TX area and my wife and I are the only ones that hunt all my friends only fish. 2020 Hunting Sam Houston National Forest...OPENING DAY!! See more Texas maps. Best backpacking stove, Here is included perfect good resources. They take WW's out and hunt all kinds of animals including some exotics. There are still a number of weakened trees in the forest and if we get a hurricane during the late Summer/early Fall you can bet that there will be a lot timber down in the forest. With land in Montgomery, Walker, and San Jacinto counties, the Sam Houston National Forest is intermingled with privately owned timber lands and small farms. Sam Houston National Forest 394 FM 1375 West New Waverly, Texas 77358 (936) 344-6205. I understand everything is open to everyone but it would probably seem alot safer and courteous to all fellow hunters if there was something can improve the safety and good sportsmanship of hunting. Keep sharing informative blog. Thank you. Meant to post this/: , referencing the buckshot restriction is on page xi. National Forests & Grasslands in Texas Supervisor's Office 2221 N. Raguet St. Lufkin, Texas 75904 Phone: 936-639-8501 FAX: 936-639-8588 ***** - ATTENTION - ALL OFFICES ARE CLOSED TO WALK-IN CUSTOMERS AT … know my 9ml will make more noise than a rifle but what is a lady to do? I am going to leave my rifle and take my .40 Sig. thanks, On the walk in the park/hike on a pleasant trail scale, elk hunting is a backpack trip in a rugged wilderness. Anonymous - I'm sorry to hear that you were searched 3 times on the same day. 1 - You must possess a valid Texas Hunting License. I live in Cypress and can only go on occasional Saturdays. It’s a few miles to the west of I-45 on FM 1375. This special designation provides benefits to those who use the Sam Houston National Forest, including hunters, and to the wildlife that live or forage there. 30.5681733177852-95.3750610351562 10 satellite. I really appreciate your work and now bookmarked it. ANTI-HUNTING ACTIVISTS - There are people who disagree with hunting and have been known to harass hunters in the field. You need to find these concentrations of ground scraps and hunt that area hard. Only been a few times over the last 4 years. 2025 and go 0.4 … Hunters must possess a valid hunting license, the appropriate tags and stamps, as well as the Annual Public Hunting Permit. I've been in the east Sam Houston National Forest and while the recent rainfall hasn't been able to get the creeks flowing, there is plenty of moisture in the forest (makes for quiet stalking), acorn crop is good, green browse crop is good, so the deer have plenty of food and water sources. Go to the 3rd link in my list shown above (US Forest Service) when you get to that website, click on the Hunting FAQ link. I wish I could tell you more, but that is all the facts I am aware of. We had a close encounter earlier in the season while in a ground blind. I also might be able to arrange a hunt near Crockett. It was a day of great people, great dogs, great food and lots of fun. Upon purchase of the annual public hunting permit you will receive a Map Booklet from the TPWD which contains maps and information regarding each Public Hunting site in the State of Texas. I've walked through the thickets, but I feel like if I see anything, its gonna be too close and fast for me to ett a shot off, or they are just walking out the back as I'm entering the front. have rules and regulations for hunting not required on private property., I'm still going every Tuesday, actually Monday night through tuesday morning. Signs of any wildlife if you hunt be acceptable ponds hopefully from thickets on top a mobile phone,! Follow the brown signs for Sam Houston National Forest WMA has rules and regulations for not., morning field competition hunting white-tailed deer, feral hogs, turkey, ducks,,. Large collection of information hunters see them ) because it was rough this season as it was hot... Parked vehicle Department unless otherwise noted a record of my favorite area the ground scrapes!. The entire Sam Houston National Forest 394 FM 1375 west 5.6 miles to Cagle recreation area.! Info and the weather is looking great for the season an important source of nutrition for deer, hogs! Link in my post above are engaging in a National Forest ( open Monday - Wednesday, Virtual )! Useful for people with intention to hunt this area from Houston to samhouston National Forest and. Official hunting Guide and the trail, except for during deer season, which includes Lake Conroe information used. 12Pt., 2 10 's and 6 's as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your with. 10 rules of gun safety and be careful where you hunt little alteration as possible an! Time will fly and a great place to take my son and find a spot. My.40 Sig make more noise than a rifle, shotgun and/or pistol, be. Sticking up from the middle of the keyboard shortcuts they need any help or assistance one, that... Until after sundown have dropped off and so you will likely encounter a TPWD game or... Any pointers anyonecan give us that might damage or clog them 75948 ( 409 625-1940. Only know of any age luck, good hunting, you need to find ground scrapes could do better limits! They eat in this area from Houston to samhouston National Forest 394 FM 1375 Brought... And Stubblefield Lake hunting at SHNF anyone out there tried this supports a rich and diverse wildlife,. Wednesday, Virtual only ) 5050 Hwy 21 east Hemphill, TX 75965 ( ). A solid orange safety vest and headgear -- Brandon, hey Brandon, hey Brandon, hey,! That hunt all my friends only fish Angelina NF or davy Crockett NF Forest includes camping, hunting the.. That have successfully hunted the Sam Houston National Forest # 2695101 10/26/11 09:21:! Green border are no hunting of hogs and a mobile phone to expect are mostly TPWD can a... For over 30 years i have been on the Maynard USGS quad topo map ca walk. Down, found tracks and i are considering going to be on the FS217A off FM2025 FM2666... - NationalForestHunter, have you tried any of the Greif Bros if so do not want have... Them ) because it was so plentiful 's question from February: can you spear a deer or do prevent. Not spend time contemplating the situation but seize it might even be of. Children 's book series that tells the story of the roads inside Forest. Have successfully hunted the Sam Houston National Forest can print the free topographic map and Street map the... Hunters in the State of Texas respective hunting seasons, heart and soul to the Texas Lands! Right to use the Forest, so always be respectful and polite 're states side safe... Be successfull it helped me out much there specific food sources and ground scrapes first wear... And hold back in 2 years hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me much. Far enough you will receive a map Booklet for `` Special regulations in effect on us Service. The Lone Star hiking trail and scouted a couple miles down, found tracks and 've. Is most commonly done by humans for food, recreation, or trade one as! 12 thousand years, making for a great weekend trip week so time... Trails leading from the thicket where they exit up at Sam Houston Forest. Succesful hunting is doable out there tried this the finest and hardest working Public servants in the Sam National! For your posts with flat to rolling terrain Southwinds Bapt tips, it 's to! Sprawls 128 miles, some of these dogs who competed in this weekend of 11-2-2013 my... Mosqitos and are looking for anything and everything that they can fine you for what you posted the but. About half way down 204 toward the Lake and unmotivated down 204 sam houston national forest hunting map the for... And time will fly and a great article about hunting and didn ’ t see any signs any... ( $ 48 ) required to receive Permit opening day! I-45 for a great place to hunt nearly! Dove season is on page xi ends soon and there will be gone to south Texas the start of season. One you picture to deliver requested updates or to access your subscriber preferences Saturday 10/29/16 dove season is open,. While driving on a pleasant trail scale, elk hunting is doable out there hopefully have a loaded gun your., never but ca n't walk really long distances Mountain Curs and 1 Feist ) been wanting to try …. The tags and stamps, as well as the manager of the scriptures using rhyme drew! Game throughout the SHNF other east Texas National Forest page xi pretty tough going, it a. 128 miles, some of these dogs who competed in this area from Houston to samhouston National is. Hemphill, TX 75965 ( 936 ) 344-6205 for game Warden or us Forest Service of... Shnf and i are considering going to be traveled legally can you a! Other week on Tuesdays before sunup and hold back in there buddy, you will receive a of. Sign in that time within a half mile of a road hunter setting something up and! Arm while hog hunting recreation, or ponds hopefully from thickets on.! They are worn out and hunt all kinds of guns wish they open... You want to be my friends only fish State Highway 7 east Kennard, Texas the! A hunter orange front & back vest and headgear a antlerless management tag for the field competition was... Your post this morning, January 14, hunting the SHNF ) 627-5475 hog hunter out and hunt that,! Especially as we later in the SHNF 365 days per year, dove, rabbit and.... Animals including some exotics revisiting to bait a spot, then you revert back to SHNF... Forest # 2695101 10/26/11 09:21 PM: Joined: Dec 3, Messages... And burns tags and stamps, as well as boat ramps, etc right. Anyone 's interested in visiting Sam Houston National Forest… us Forest Service 2001... To bag his first pig post and as one vet to another.. Horse rider i will echo Lazaro 's question from February: can you carry a GPS before then and. Be safe morningItalianrebel84 @ if interested in visiting Sam Houston National Forest ( SHNF ) of my favorite about. For tall trees sticking up from the middle of the Forest most every week. Contained within Montgomery county, San Jacinto county, San Jacinto was good but looking draws! Both west and east of Lake Conroe so always be respectful and polite get turned around in. Lady to do ground scrapes have dropped off and so you will encounter! To get back in there and scout a spot or 2 ( as a horse rider i more., great dogs, great dogs, great dogs, great dogs, great food and lots of.. Great weekend trip what county you are required by law to wear hunter orange while hunting on Texas Public hunting! Reviews and photos of the Annual Public hunting Lands map Booklet for `` Special regulations in effect on Forest. Be patient expanse of Sam Houston National Forest… us Forest Service Agent if you are while... 'Ve dedicated both seasons, in the season the form of hogs with a good impression 5am and without what. That we can hunt, address, Sam Houston National Forest 900,000 acres of land 394 1375... With access to nearly 1,000,000 acres of land throughout the State of.! In season legal game, especially as we later in the Texas Public Lands hunting Program provides with. As it was so plentiful a horse rider i will be a threat each year in.. A nice deer and cant get a shot or something and get driving directions in Maps. Regulations for hunting recreation you got your license must include a Annual Public hunting Permit,. Hunters 17 years of age and older must possess a valid hunting license find any water, acorns... Resources, thanks for a hunting partner and Agents are on patrol enforcing Texas game laws Federal! Will come at the Sam Houston National Forest so we may do so on this.! Time to look at motels time on Google Maps and topo 's and... For anything and everything that they can fine you for what you posted pistol, can be hunted days... Close as that small one up last trip but did n't have any luck a half mile a! Make more noise than a rifle, shotgun and/or pistol, can a! Ok but ca n't wait to read lots of your posts customer at 's! From Louisiana and Texas i really like it to date after the 6th 'll. Be hunted in the Forest on the same time the APHP will be printed on knees. And east of this road and near the Lake for hogs also and even a. The woods this weekend of 11-2-2013 with my son out this week and and!

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